Wedding Walk

A dusty walk from Concorde through the Tuilleries

Photography Meetups is a great way to see Paris with a small group of people whose eyes and imaginations are always at work.  In this city of stunning monuments and bridges wedding couples are often present to have their special moment captured with the glorious symbols of the City of Light.  Including them in my own photos has never been interesting to me, nor would I be comfortable intruding in their intimate space.  However, when a couple asked to have a Meetup group walk with them from the top of Printemps’ stunning terrace to the Pyramid at the Louvre across the Pont des Arts during the day and later across the bridges and into the golden evening who could resist?


For walking in the sunshine, flip flops are fine . . .

It was probably the hottest day of this most unseasonably hot September.  Prince Charming and his princess were real troopers and never lost their good humor in what seemed a little like a march, changing boots when necessary . . .

Pumping up again

Hot and tired and changing once again . . .


There were many classic shots that came from the walk; we chose our favorites and they were shared with the couple as part of the agreement between us.

I don’t like the way the locks are ruining the bridges nor the lock as a symbol of a lasting love, but the couple did look like living happily ever after would be their future.