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Sunday Morning

UFO for blog-0570A typical Sunday morning:  Never a dull moment.

We woke up to the sound of drums, that familiar beat of encouragement for yet another Paris marathon that always wraps itself around the Place de la Bastille.  And that is a good excuse for breakfast out, camera in hand . . . This was a different troupe of drummers, composed of more ages than most and maybe less nubile than the last bunch.UFO for blog-0581

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Continuing on our walk to the Aligre market we heard the music of a different generation, performed by a quartet perhaps less energetic but no less passionate, no less ambitious and maybe even more appreciated than the drummers were. 

UFO for blog-1800Finally, back to the boat before lunch, we watched as the entries in the yearly UFO at the Arsenal were nearing full readiness. This crazy Arsenal event, called Unidentifiable Floating Objects, designed by and for kids(of all ages), has seen the creation of some pretty strange, and hopefully floating, vessels.  Using barrels, bicycles, surf boards and other motley objects, ragtag floats propelled by human power have been taking shape for several days on the stone quai across the canal where we have a bird’s eye view from our back deck.

UFO for blog-0597

Not looking good . . . but it didn’t sink!

The wind was at their backs, the sun on their faces and the life jackets cinched on.  There was a rescue boat at the ready, but only one young captain was seen getting swept overboard – but maybe he really jumped in and loved every minute of it!

and then it was time to get on with the rest of the day . . .

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