Let’s go Fly a Kite!

And what a better place to do that than in the Parc de Vincennes at the end of the long walk at roof top level on the lush Promenade des Plantes then back down to earth . . . Promenade Plantee - 21

Promenade Plantee - 08


  It was a glorious blue sky day with a breeze lofty enough to lift the heaviest kite.

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Kids, young and old, enjoyed the festivities and we were all caught up in the swirling winds.  Kites got tangled up together, lines twisting tightly, wings crashing with a muffle into the bows of an evergreen.

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Men rumbled on go-carts powered by the wind caught in a billowing sail flying high above them, and raced across the fields.

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Children spun in place, their little kites on dowels raised as high as their little arms could reach.  Wind mills and wind socks, sharks and soaring birds, color and motion against a clear blue sky, brought a wandering day into focus.